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Calcium Carbonate Powder for Paint Industry


Talc Powder

Owing to its low cost and platy structure, Talc Powder for Paint Industry has gained prominence. Talc is used primarily in industrial paint and coatings, wood lacquers, printing inks, fillers as well as in various coatings.Talc increases coverage and weather resistance of the products. The use of Talc creates a barri er effect, which limits the penetration of water and corrosive agents into paints and coatings.

The Talc Powder for Paint Industry, which we provide, is particularly used in Paints and protective coatings. We provide the Talc Powder for Paint Industry at competitive rates to the clients.

The amount of Talc used in paints varies between 2 to 30%. Also the fineness of Talc used in paints varies between 100µ to 20µ. The oil absorption of Talc used in Paints is between 40 to 60 gm per 100 gms. House paints, as titanium dioxide extenders to reduce cracking and sagging, and enhance matting. In anti-corrosion primers to improve corrosion resistance and paint adhesion.



Calcium Carbonate Powder

Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) is commonly used in a number of paint and coating applications.  It is used as an extender, an agent to either reduce or enhance gloss, an extender / spacer for titanium dioxide, a rheology modifier and as a paint and coating additive to densify the product. Calcium Carbonate is available in particle sizes ranging from D50 3.0 Microns to large white decorative chips. Calcium Carbonate is a relatively soft, insoluble mineral that is widely used to reduce cost and to control shrinkage in adhesive formulations.

Calcite Powder Manufacturer and Supplier

We provide Calcium Carbonate Powder in the widest variety of particle-size distributions. In high-end formulations, Our Calcium Carbonate helps the product maintain its viscosity, physical strength and properties. In commodity formulations, it can replace other more-expensive ingredients, improve gap-filling properties and modify viscosity.


Industrial Mineral Fillers for Paint Plastic Polymer Industry


Dolomite Powder

Dolomite is a hard mineral. Thus, it imparts scrub resistance to the Paint. Moreover, it offers tremendous durability to the Paint film against weathering. Dolomite has high whiteness, and thus interferes minimally with the Paint color, leading to intense, opaque, accurate shades. Dolomite has low oil absorption. Dolomite powder is highly dispersible and does not clump together. This ensures homogeneous filler distribution in the paint which is important for uniform consistency in the paint.

Dolomite is a cost-effective filler providing substantial cost benefits compared to other fillers For application in paint, Dolomite must be very pure and in particular devoid of the color imparting impurities such as oxides of iron, chromium, manganese etc.


Marble Powder

Our company is looked upon as one of the prime Marble Powder Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The unmatched quality and efficacy of the Marble Powder in respective applications has attracted various national as well as international clients to place bulk orders. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Marble Powder conventionally packed preventing external contaminants and contact of minerals with harsh climatic conditions.

Talc Powder for Paint Industry

Moreover, since it is low cost and abundantly availableit is used in variety of Low-Cost Paint and for Putty Manufacturing where cost of the Raw Material plays a major Role.