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Dolomite Powder Uses



Dolomite Powder For Paints

Micronized Dolomite Powder is readily soluble in water. Hence, it is used as an extender in water based paints – emulsions, distempers and primers. Since Dolomite is rich in Lime and high in whiteness, it is also used in manufacturing wall putty. The also help in improving the weather resistance of outdoor paints by reducing oxygen or water transmission thus protecting the binder from UV radiation, thus Color, particle size and oil absorption are the main criteria for selecting talc for paint manufacture.


Dolomite Powder For Ceramics

Dolomite loses upto 50% mass on ignition and the residue has a high content of Magnesium Oxide. As a result, it leads to very high after burning whiteness. This means that ceramics using dolomite powder in their mixture turn out to be extremely white when heating in ovens. Dolomite as a ceramic material is a uniform calcium magnesium carbonate. In ceramic glazes it is used as a source of magnesia and calcium In many circumstances where a raw glaze employs both CaO and MgO, dolomite is an economic alternative to sourcing with a mix of calcium carbonate and talc.



Dolomite Powder For Soap & Detergents

Dolomite is easily soluble in water and has optimally hard particles. Hence, it is an important inexpensive filler in detergent powders.The dolomite acts as an ideal and base filler for the detergent industry to change the consistency of the detergent, to make it more pourable, more soluble and to help it disperse evenly.


Dolomite Powder For Agriculture

Dolomite Powder in Agriculture industry is widely used. Dolomite is water-soluble, and it contains carbonate and magnesium, both of which are beneficial to the soil and improves soil fertility by providing a source of magnesium and calcium, which are essential plant nutrients and aids plant growth. Also, it has high PH, which regulates soil acidity or PH. After being mixed with Dolomite Powder, all fertilizers and pesticides work effectively. Plants can easily absorb nutrition with the help of Dolomite Powder. This is a fine powder that allows all nutrition to reach the plant and aids in the rapid growth of the plants. Dolomite also reacts with the acid, making it useful as a soil conditioner. In many soils, fertilizer is heavily used, so maintaining the soil PH is only done by dolomite, which acts as a soil conditioner. Dolomite powder also contains other chemicals, such as aluminium and silica, required by plants. All of these natural chemicals are beneficial to plants.  

Moreover, dolomite powder can be used as a foliar spray for the plants. Foliar sprays are solutions that are applied directly to the leaves of plants, and they can provide a quick source of nutrients for the plants. Dolomite powder can be mixed with water and applied as a foliar spray, providing plants with a source of magnesium and calcium. 



Dolomite Powder For Glass

Manufacturing of sheet glass requires Lime (CaO) as well as Magnesia (MgO). While both the elements improve the durability of glass, Magnesia in particular reduces the undesired devitrification during the manufacturing process. Since both Lime and Magnesia are the base components of Dolomite, it is considered as an excellent source of these elements for glassmaking.