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Low Silica Dolomite Uses

Talc Powder for Paint Industry


Low Silica Dolomite For Paints

Low silica Dolomite Powder is readily soluble in water. Hence, it is used as an extender in water based paints – emulsions, distempers and primers. Since Dolomite is rich in Lime and Low in whiteness, it is also used in manufacturing wall putty. The also help in improving the weather resistance of outdoor paints by reducing oxygen or water transmission thus protecting the binder from UV radiation, thus Color, particle size and oil absorption are the main criteria for selecting Talc for paint manufacture.


Low Silica Dolomite For Steels

Low Silica Dolomite is used in steel plants with BOF technology(basic oxygen furnace technology) as a flux. The steel industry use Low Silica Dolomite in the production process as a flux in purifying steel in both basic oxygen furnaces and electric arc furnaces.For this purpose good fluxing Dolomite low in acid constituents such as silica, alumina, sulphur and phosphorus is required. The limestone should be dense, massive, preferably fine grained, compact and non-fretting on burning. 

Dolomite Powder for Paint Industry