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Talc Powder

Talc is a hydrous Magnesium Silicate and its chemical composition would correspond to 63.5% Silica (Si02), 31.7% Magnesia (MgO) and 4.8% water (H20).

Talc is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals for the Ultraviolet protection of crops reducing water pick-up and mud. In fertilizers, Talcs are outstanding coating agents. It improves fertilizer flow, reducing water pick-up, prevents caking, protecting from crystal bridge formation and reducing dust. Talc is a perfect carrier in feed pre-mixes and agricultural chemicals.



Calcium Carbonate Powder

Calcium Carbonite reduces acidity and optimizes nutrient absorption by balancing soil pH. Which assists in better yield and quality of your crops and pastures.

As lime dissolves in the soil, calcium (Ca) moves to the surface of soil particles, replacing the acidity. The acidity reacts with the carbonate (CO3) to form carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). The result is a soil that is less acidic (has a higher pH).

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Effectively and efficiently balance your soil pH with our premium solution. Other chemical fertilizers can create an acidic atmosphere in your soil which can be extremely harmful to your crop. Our Calcium Carbonate iss 100% natural, so it will bring your soil back to its best nutritional condition without any chemical additives.

Adding Calcium Carbonate to your soil will not only balance your pH but will also encourage roots to grow deeper and quicker.

Industrial Mineral Fillers for Paint Plastic Polymer Industry


Dolomite Powder

Agricultural grade Dolomite powder used primarily to control acidity(pH) in soils by making them more basic (alkaline). Fertilizers and herbicides can then work efficiently, and plants can more readily absorb the nutrients that help them grow. CaCO3 reacts strongly to acid in the soils, such as sulfuric acid.

In agriculture applications, Dolomite is commonly used as soil fertilizer in a range of soils. The application of calcium in the form of dolomite, which is a calcium-releasing compound, could be used to increase calcium in the potting mix.

Agriculture grade dolomite used for soil neutralization/conditioner to correct acidity. It also finds use as filler in fertilizers. The main ingredient is calcium carbonate, it helps to increase the pH of acidic soils and it provides a good source of calcium for plant. It improves the water penetration for acidic soil. It also contains MgCO3 for triggering fast growth of plants.

Dolomite (Calcium Magnesium carbonate): Similar to garden lime but slower acting. Also contains magnesium carbonate so good for trees like apples and pears as it adds calcium to ground without altering soil pH

Dolomite fertilizer balances soil pH while adding much needed magnesium nutrients